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AVANT 6.0 Series

The Avant 6.0 Industry Line Series is the fastest and most powerful of our range, It has been designed to meet the most complex needs of the woodworking industry and to manage large workloads, distinguishing itself for its robustness, versatility and productivity.

Technical Specifications

Boards: Particle board, plywood, MDF, from 10 to 60mm thickness.


Edges: Melamine, PVC, ABS, PP, wood, formica, acrylic... from 0,4 to 3,0mm in rolls and up to 10mm in solid wood strips.

Adhesives: EVA/PUR/PO and AirFlow System

Equipment: New glue unit (EVA/PUR) with pre-melter included for granulate or cartridge glue.


HF motors controlled by independent electronic converters, encoder controlled working groups and PLC controlled by TFT touch screen.


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