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Our Factory

CEHISA edgebanders are designed and manufactured in our 10.000 m² facilities at Barcelona. Therefore, we have a great operational capacity which allows us to meet the most demanding delivery terms and to produce customized machines for our customers.

Worldwide Presence

CEHISA started its internationalization from its earliest times and has been present in the 5 continents since 1975. This allowed us to become the international leading company we are now, gaining a know how in edge banding that few others have. We can proudly say we’ve sold more than 40.000 machines over this time and we are present in more than 65 countries thanks to our worldwide dealer network.


CEHISA is an international Spanish company which has been dedicated to the manufacture of woodworking machinery and has specialized in the edge banding sector since 1968.

Since its beginnings, CEHISA has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of practical, durable and good finish machinery to cater to carpenters’ needs. As a carpenter, Manuel Cuenca, the founder, started designing woodworking machines for his own use, which he later commercialized. His designs soon revolutionized the sector with smaller size, easily usable and long-lasting machines. All other companies followed.

Today, CEHISA machines reliability is the result of careful component selection, a full manufacturing process carried out in our own factory and customized after sales service. All main machine components come from top quality providers or are manufactured by ourselves, complying this way with the highest industrial standards.

Our Showroom

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