Edgeband Compact PCS CEHISA

Edgeband Compact PCS CEHISA


Max/Min. Thickness of the panel 8 - 60 mm
Max/Min. Thickness of edgebanding 0,4 - 3 mm
Solid wood strips 5 mm (manual feed)
Minimum length of the panel 120 mm
Minimum width of the panel 75 mm (OPTIONAL 60mm)
Tooling speed 12000 rpm
Drag Chain speed 8 m/mi (5,5 m/mi with corner rounding)
Air pressure required 6-7 bar
Total electrical output 6,9 kw
Dimensions 3435 x1000x1310
Net weight 990 kg

The COMPACT PCS edgebander is the most advanced of the COMPACT series since in addition to the implementation of more powerful operating groups, a drag chain speed of 8 m/min, the possibilty to work 3mm thick edgebands, 60mm panels thick and up to 5mm solid wood strips, it comes with the Corner Rounding Unit and the Pre-Milling Unit as standard configuration.

Although this model has been designed with a compact size, in order to be installed in workshops with small dimensions, this machine combines all the qualities of the most high-end edgebanders.

Panels: Particle board, plywood, MDF... from 8 to 60mm thick.

Edges: Melamine, PVC, ABS, PP, wood, formica, acrylic... 0,4 to 3mm in rolls and up to 5mm in solid wood strips.

Adhesives: Hot melt EVA and PUR (optional).

Equipment: High frecuency motors controlled by independent electronic inverters, pre-milling, gluepot, end trim, top & bottom trim, corner rounding and PLC controlled by a colour LCD touch screen.

Optional: DUOMELT, hot air blower, non-stick spray, cleaning agent spray, nesting, cabin lights...


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