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CNC TF-950

Our CNC Machine has been designed to perform drilling and routing operations simply and efficiently. It has a very ergonomic structure for an easy handling of the panels and thanks to the spindle motor and the optional automatic tool changer, the machine can be used for routing applications and process up to 5 sides of the panel very efficiently.

X Axis Working Area:  250 mm - unlimited.

Y Axis Working Area:  80 - 950 mm.

Z Axis Working Area: 8 - 70 mm.

Axes Speeds (X - Y - Z): 70 - 70 - 20 (m/min)

Maximum Saw Blade Diameter: 120mm

Panel Handling System: Clamp.

Working Table Structure:  Air Floating.

Spindle Motor Power:  5,5 kW.

Installed Power: 12 kW.

Dimensions (Installed): 3435 x 4466 x 1470 mm.

Weight:  1.530 kg.

The Formula TF-950 guarantees excellent results thanks to a precise grip system, a full axes control through the servomotors and an easy to use software system.

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