Edgeband Pro 12 Air Jet CEHISA

Edgeband Pro 12 Air Jet CEHISA


Max/Min. Thickness of the panel 8 - 60 mm
Max/Min. Thickness of edgebanding 0,4 - 3 mm

Solid wood strips 8 mm manual feed

Optional automatic feed.

Minimum length of the panel 120 mm
Minimum width of the panel 75 mm (OPTIONAL 60mm)
Tooling speed 12000 rpm
Working speed 14m/mi (9 m/min with corner rounding)
Air pressure required 6-7 bar
Total electrical output 9,75 kw
Dimensions 5000x1300x1440
Net weight 1340 kg

The PRO is the "high end" of the mind industrial range of edge bander, meeting the latest developments in panels-edges-adhesives-finishing processes.

Boards: MCF, MDF, XPS, foam board, from, 8 to 60mm thick.

Edges:  Impregnate paper, PVC, ABS, PP, acrylic, natural veneer, aluminium, with high gloss and 3D de 0,4 to 3,0mm in rolls and up to 8mm in solid wood strips.

Adhesives: Hotmelt EVA and Pur resins based.

Equipment: Inverter controlled HF motors, pre-milling, gluepot, Air Jet Edge, end trim, top & bottom trim, corner rounding,  PLC, touch screen colour LCD.


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