Edgeband Mykro Plus CEHISA

Edgeband Mykro Plus CEHISA


Panel height mín/máx 8 - 50 mm
Min/Max Thickness of edgebanding 0,4 - 2 mm
Min. panel length, mm 120 mm
Min. panel width, mm 75 mm 
Tooling speed 12000 rpm
Working speed 5,5 m/mi
Air pressure required 6-7 bar
Total electrical output 6,2 kw
Dimensions 1980x1070x1245 mm
Net Weight 323 kg

The Mykro PLUS edge bander goes a step further and implements the End Trim Station that eliminates the excess from the front and the rear part of the edge band. This useful feature, which is indispensable in larger edge banders, helps automate the process and reduce the working time.

Panels: Particle board, plywood, MDF... from 8 to 50mm thick.

Edges: Melamine, PVC, ABS, PP, wood, formica, acrylic... 0,4 to 2mm in rolls.

Adhesive: Hot melt EVA.

Equipment: High frecuency motors controlled by independent electronic inverters, gluepot, end trim, top & bottom trim and PLC controlled by a colour LCD touch screen.

This version allows the installation of optional groups such as buffing unit or glue scraper at the end of the machine.


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